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Grief is something that everyone goes through but rarely wants to talk about. -Dani You ever get a new car and when you are driving around, you see so many of the same model of your car. A green one, a black one, a white one. Who knew so many people had the same car... Continue Reading →

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It’s The Conversations For Me…

**disclaimer, I just wrote what came out so it is not smooth transitions. On August 11th, I lost my mom. Tears automatically spring to my eyes as I type this. I miss her so much. everyday. The weekends are the hardest. Hell, everything is the hardest. She was my rider. I almost never got in... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Intentions

Happy New Year! I was going to try to ease on in here like I haven’t been dormant for over 6 months. Imma do better, I promise. 2020 is going to be it. I feels it…lol. On New Year’s Eve night, I decided to create new year intentions instead of new year resolutions. With those... Continue Reading →

Little Ole’ Me

One day, I will be the person that will have blog posts weekly and social media posts will be slamming but right now, it ain’t it. I am here right now and that is important. I have been going through a lot of feelings about a lot of things. I have a new organization with... Continue Reading →

Cubicle Makeover

Hey Hey!!! I recently watched Brené Brown’s Netflix special, “The Call to Courage” and she had some useful nuggets that I connected with for my personal life. One of the things that she shared discussed work. I understand that work seems like a hard place to be vulnerable, but we spend more than half of... Continue Reading →

What I Taught Myself in A Year

Hey Hey!!! A year ago, I decided to take a chance on myself. I didn’t know that what I was doing but it definitely was. My best friend’s husband is a personal trainer and my best friend Renee suggested we do weekly exercise sessions. I begrudgingly agreed. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts about my... Continue Reading →

Space Creation

My best friend Renee and I attended an event during Women's Empowerment Month and one of the speakers talked about creating a own space in her home. She named it Pinkie's Closet. Renee was so inspired and had been talking for a while so she enlisted me to make this a reality. Here is Renee's... Continue Reading →

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