Really, Coronavirus, Really?!

I have tried to start this blog several times. I am not sure what to really say or how to really convey my feelings. When a hurricane comes, you stock up on can goods and batteries, if it’s a tornado, find you a closet or the bathtub but what in the hell do you do... Continue Reading →

Dani’s Life Hack: The Gambler

Hey Hey!! Happy Tuesday! I am back this month with a another DaniGee hack, which is honestly my view on things that I am going through, learned from, or listened to. This time, it is the latter. I am Premium Spotify user and it doesn’t take me much to make a playlist. Last year, I... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Intentions

Happy New Year! I was going to try to ease on in here like I haven’t been dormant for over 6 months. Imma do better, I promise. 2020 is going to be it. I feels it…lol. On New Year’s Eve night, I decided to create new year intentions instead of new year resolutions. With those... Continue Reading →

Little Ole’ Me

One day, I will be the person that will have blog posts weekly and social media posts will be slamming but right now, it ain’t it. I am here right now and that is important. I have been going through a lot of feelings about a lot of things. I have a new organization with... Continue Reading →

Cubicle Makeover

Hey Hey!!! I recently watched Brené Brown’s Netflix special, “The Call to Courage” and she had some useful nuggets that I connected with for my personal life. One of the things that she shared discussed work. I understand that work seems like a hard place to be vulnerable, but we spend more than half of... Continue Reading →

What I Taught Myself in A Year

Hey Hey!!! A year ago, I decided to take a chance on myself. I didn’t know that what I was doing but it definitely was. My best friend’s husband is a personal trainer and my best friend Renee suggested we do weekly exercise sessions. I begrudgingly agreed. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts about my... Continue Reading →

Space Creation

My best friend Renee and I attended an event during Women's Empowerment Month and one of the speakers talked about creating a own space in her home. She named it Pinkie's Closet. Renee was so inspired and had been talking for a while so she enlisted me to make this a reality. Here is Renee's... Continue Reading →

Doing the Work, Part 4

Welcome back to the final part  of my series "Doing the Work." This series focuses on colleagues of mines who are doing the work in Alabama,  of creating safe spaces for sexual assault survivors and victims. If you missed the last three posts, they are  available here, here, and here. I know we have heard of... Continue Reading →

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