Plan 10– Joint Gender Reveal/Baby Shower

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This is my first official post. I didn’t know if there was a specific starting place so I just decided to do something that I always gets my blood going: coming up with ideas for parties.  My friend Audrey gave me a radical challenge to come with a Targaryen themed wedding. You can check out my ideas: So, My best friend and I were talking about a mutual friend who had done a gender reveal party for the upcoming baby and she was telling me that she would love to do one when she has another baby and she told me to start to get my ideas in order so that’s what I started to do!!!! I decided that I would stick with just 10 general pictures of what I envision the event to look like. Here is what I came up with it.

1. One of my friends favorite color is red and her husband favorite color is purple so I thought  the joining of the two would be a cute way to reveal the baby’s gender and it’s not the traditional pink and blue.  I also thought some gold undertones would be nice to add purple palette


2. Since this would be a gender reveal baby shower,  I thought it would be a good idea to make a “Stock the Nursery” baby shower where the parents would ask for items that they would be the most beneficial to them like diapers, bibs, wipes, etc. I also think it would be nice to have it be co-ed, family oriented.

invite 2invite

3. Invitation: With The theme being more about buying essentials, I think the invitation should reflect the theme. Reading forum sites regarding baby showers, many posters said that it would be rude to include on the invitation to only bring baby essentials to the baby shower. I disagree-I feel that if it’s the 2nd or 3rd child, the parents should have the knowledge and discretion to ask for what they feel is most important and what they will get the most use out of.

Here is a sample invitation wording that I found:

Help us welcome (Parent’s Name) baby number two with onesies,

bottles, diapers and shampoo Blankets, toys, food and more

That’s what this Stock the Nursery shower is for

4.Games- Adult: Baby Picture Match: Gather Celebrity and shower guests’ baby pictures and assort thme in a collage; the guests are to guess who the babies are- the most right wins

Baby Picture Match Game - what great way for everyone to get to know each other.

5. Children Game: The parents that I have in mind have little ones and I know that some of their guests will have little ones too so why not get them involved in the festivities. An example of a game the kids could get involved in is Design a Bodysuit, Hand each participant a bodysuit and paint, and ask him/her to draw a picture or create a design on the  shirt that /heshe thinks baby-to-be would be proud to sport. Mom-to-be will judge which guest has the most creative design. Fabric paint and white onesies or tshirts will be needed for this activity.

14 Kid-Friendly Baby Shower Games: Design a Bodysuit (via

6. Cake: At most gender reveal parties, the cake is the way that the gender is revealed but I think the cake can also be used to be a relection of the couple-maybe the children’s favorite cartoon characther or just something that is a symbol of the family. For example, if the are Auburn fans, maybe a cake of a tiger. Here are pics of common used cakes.

baby cake 2baby cake 1

7. Photo booth: I’ve seen this concept at weddings and I thought it would be a cool concept for a baby shower. I would say if the couple doesn’t have a digital camera, I think it would still be a good idea to have an area to take pictures  and have props; people could use their own cameras.

         real-baby-shower-photobooth-tutorial baby shower photo booth | DIY Photo Booth Printables Chalkboard Signs BABY by WhiskerWorks

8. Reveal: The moment the parents to be and the guests have been. I saw this cute alternative to having the color of the inside of the lake. You would have the designated person who knows the sex (most likely the host) fill a big box with the color balloons–you could use the traditional color, pink or blue or use the color used for the baby shower pallette, red for a boy and purple for a girl.

gender reveal

9. Party Favor/Thank You Alternative 1: Photo I am a big on party favors being something that  can be of use for the guests. My best friend got married in 2010 and one of her party favors  was a pre wedding photo with the couples’ logo and wedding date-a great memento for the occasion. With the baby shower, it could be pregnancy photo shoot picture with the family name stratgically placed on it. Shutterfly and Walgreens are great places to print photo from.

Pregnancy family shoot cute cute

10. Party favor/Thank You Alternative 2 : Onesie and Foot Prints Shaped Cookies

I thought these were the cutest. The host could make cookies, decorate in desired colors and wrap them in specialty wrap with cute message on the twist tie.

onesiecutter2onesie cutterbabyfeet

I would love to know what you Think.

Keep Dreaming and Believing,

Dani G.


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