Bucket List 2.0

I’ve never watched the movie but soon after it’s release, my girls and I created our own bucket lists. Where that list is now…..tumbleweeds passes me by……no idea!! So, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to create a new one.

**Items  listed are in no order of importance  in how fast I would like to get each item accomplished.

  1.  Visit Australia.
  2. Go to a zoo.
  3. Milk a cow. (tug a lug)
  4. Run a marathon.
  5. Learn how to sew.
  6. Create a line of greeting cards. ( my friends always say I’m hilarious)
  7. Visit at least one thrift store in every state. (3 down, 47 more to go)
  8. Learn how to swim.
  9. Learn how to drive a  manual transmission  car.
  10. Go on a cruise.
  11. Be a part of a studio audience. (Jerry!! Jerry!!)
  12. Meet someone famous. (preferably, Shemar, Denzel, The Rock, Idris, and/or Chiwetel )
  13. Visit the White House.
  14. See a Broadway Play.
  15. Plan and Execute a Wedding.
  16. Open  a nonprofit business.
  17. Cook an entire holiday meal.
  18. Collect 50 suitcases for foster  children.
  19. Get a tattoo.
  20. Hike a trail.
  21. Climb a mountain.
  22. Create 100 ‘Reset’ bags for women being released from prison. (WE all deserve a second  chance.)
  23. Paint my Childhood bedroom.
  24. Learn how to use a professional camera.
  25. Help Build a House.

Before ending this post, I wanted to mention some of my bucket list worthy life events.


1. The Birth of my Godson. My godson is an awesome person. I don’t remember him not being a part of my life. To see his mom give birth to him, through all the ups and downs of her pregnancy, was one of the most awe inspiring moments of my life. This was definitely, for me, a moment of knowing without a shadow of doubt, God is Real and He is Able.

bug pin

2. Chocolate Covered Crickets. In my sophomore year’s Intro to Communication Class, a fellow classmate did a presentation of what her grandfather business was- Chocolate Covered Crickets. I ate 2– It tasted just like chicken (I kid, I kid.)  Honestly, it tasted like in my opinion, like the candy, Nestle Crunch.


3. Big Chop. I was a natural girl my entire childhood and  in my senior yr of high school, I got a relaxer.  For the most part, I was in love with my relaxed hair and the closest I thought I would ever have my hair back in its natural state  was new growth ( I actually had a similar Facebook status). Two of my closest friends had recently gone the natural route and then they double teamed me and said that I should join them. My first response– sideeye. However, I decided to weigh my pros and cons and  I was like why not, if I  don’t like it, I can relax again whenever I want to. I have to say this was  on the most freeing things I’ve ever done in my adult life. I love my natural hair and I love how I feel with natural hair.


4. Calf Testicles.  One of my older brothers used to work on a farm and once a year, the farmer would have to do away with a bull’s testicles, for whatever reason unbeknownst  to me. They have been a delicacy in the George Household  before and I have to say they are quite tasty and has the consistency of eating liver or more like chicken gizzards.

What are some items  on your bucket list? Have you crossed any of them off yet?

Until Next Time,

Dani Gee



5 thoughts on “Bucket List 2.0

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  1. Ah,a bucket list. I hadn’t really thought past my Radical 7even goals. But this is something to really think about. You have inspired to create a bucket list but not to eat calf testicles.


  2. Awe! I semi made the list through Daniel. I almost died at the balls and crickets! Lawd! Lol I’m considering doing a list! I loved this entry


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