Favorite Thrifted Things

I can remember being in high school and not wantingto even to step in a thrift store. My mom would go to find items she could resell at her yard sales or to find clothes for herself but I always went in with suspicion.  Maybe it was the smell or the fact that I felt I never was able to find any good pieces.  I don’t know when those feelings faded but I’m so glad they did. I enjoy thrift shopping, especially with my mom and friends. Honestly, the last couple of years my wow pieces have come from thrift stores.

I wanted to share with you all a couple of my favorite thingsthat I’ve acquired during my thrifting advetures.
**no order of preference


1. Cosmetic bag
Price: .99 cents
Place: Big Saver, Bessemer, AL
Why It’s My Favorite: It was a $1 #winning


2.Gold and Black Houndstooth Blazer
Price: $2.50 (shop out of season)
Place: Lovelady Thrift Store, Birmingham, AL
Why: I love the colors and the way I can dress it up or dress it down and the fact that it was 2.50!


3.  Clutches
Price: $1 (light beige) and $4 (dark beige)
Places: Veterans Thrift Store, Brent,  AL (now closed) and a Selma Flea Market vendor, Selma, AL, respectively
Why: I love clutches, just hate paying purses prices and these were a steal.


4. Yellow Trouser Pants
Price: $2.99
Place: The Foundry thrift store, Fairfield, AL
Why: I love the way trouser pants look and feel on me and I want them in ever color. I’ve been able to style them in different ways.


5. In Style Parties
Price: 2.99
Place: Foundry Thrift Store, Fairfield, AL
Why: I am really into event planning and I just could not pass up this book.  I’ve come to find out that this book was ranked as a top go to book in event planning.

As you can see, I am really proud of finding staple pieces I wanted to add to my closet and bookcase at great prices.

What are some of your fave thrifted pieces?

Until Next Time,



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