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When I was little, I didn’t dream about wedding dresses or who would be my bridesmaids. I didn’t have a prince charming in mind. I honestly never thought about marriage until my best friend from high school got married in 2010. All of these feelings came rushing in, happiness for my bestie and sadness because I may be alone forever. The latter statement gave me a scare. Was I going to be a lonely lady who never married, never got the opportunity to become a Mrs. and change my name.


These last couple of years I have seen more of my friends walk the aisle and sting of being alone forever has begun to dull. I have realized that I will be okay, single or married. I am not knocking my circumstances, one way or the other. I have realized my friends still want to be  my friend, even though they are married and have a family and I am single as the day I was born. I’ve decided to be patient and enjoy life in the meantime. I’ve finally realized that one day, I want to be married. I’m not going to rush. I am going to take the time to find out what makes me tick. What do I want in a husband? What are my goals as a wife?

A few summers ago, my friends and I created a list  of traits that we would like for our future husbands to possess. We then said a prayer and burned the list. I can’t remember all of my future husband’s qualities so I decided to complete a new list. 

  1. He has to have hands that make mine seem slender or at least the same size (I have my daddy’s hands.)
  2. He has to have a sense or humor and have to love my sense of humor. 
  3. he has to a Christian and be an active church goer; believes and trusts in God.
  4. supportive of my dreams and dreams for our family.
  5. Educated
  6. Loving spirit
  7. Loves me, flaws and all
  8. Relates to my family;family oriented
  9. Loves my cooking
  10. Open to effective communication
  11. A Go Getter Spirit
  12. A good Dresser or won’t mind me helping him with his wardrobe
  13. Financially literate
  14. Considers me his equal
  15. Get along with my friends
  16. Being healthy is important

What about you? What are some traits that are important for your future mate?

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10 Lessons From Mother-DaniGee

My post honoring my mother on Mother’s Day.



I feel so blessed to be a daughter of Hattie. She is genuine and has a heart of gold. I am continually learning things from her, either my her words or actions. Here are 10 things that I have learned from my mom.


**no order of preferance

1. Be careful of what you say.  “Keep on Living. ” My mom is a big believer of the power in words. She has told me instances of saying things about people or situations and now she can see herself going through similar situations as she has had to contend with. She said that her mother amd elders she grew around would always say, Just keep on living.

2. Never step in the same hole twice. Well,my mom has another saying but for the sake of the Rad7 blog I won’t use her terminology.  Basically, if there is a reason you left…

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