Month: September 2014

Accessory Crush- Penelope Garcia’s Glasses

I use to hate to wear my glasses when I was younger. I can remember getting glasses the summer before 6th grade and for the first few days of 6th grade I walked around in a daze because I was scared to wear my glasses in public. In college, I got contacts. I thought I was the However, when the college loans refund money left so did my supply of contacts. Enter full time eyewear. I have learned to embrace my glasses. Honestly, with my natural hair, I feel nerd-chic with my glasses on.  In my opinion, the new trends in optical wear are making wearing glasses fun.

Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness has some of the best trendiest glasses. She definitely makes me want to have my glasses in all different colors. Here are some of my favorite frames that she has worn.

pg3 pg2 pg4pg1

Are you a fan of wearing glasses? What are some of your favorite frames?

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