You’ve all seem them before—what I like to call, the potentials. It’s exactly the style you’re looking for (be it jeans, earrings, accessories, etc.) except there’s something extra on it. It may rhinestones or something hanging where you don’t want it to. Recently, I found a pair of earrings on my latest thrifting expedition. For whatever reason, I like triangle earrings. It just looks good with my natural hair. I am always looking in the $1 jewelry sections and these are what I ran across.


As you can see, there’s that extra element to a great pair of earrings. My pre-crafty, creative self would have passed on by them. However, the new me saw potential.

Materials needed:

  • Wire cutters ( or something to open up a jumpring)
  • Spray paint of your choice ( I used Krylon)
  • Googles (Safety first!!)
  • Painter’s Tape


I opened up the jump-ring that the held the mirror tear drop. They came out very easily.  I put painter’s tape on the fish hooks before painting. I then spray painted both sides and these are the results. Spray-paint is awesome!PhotoGrid_1426556630620

Have you ever saw potential in something?

Until Next Time,



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