DaniGee’s Style Icons

Tyra Banks. Grace Jones. Dorothy Dandrige. Diana Ross. Iman. These are just some of the names that comes up when talking about style icons. I decided with the post that I would share a few of my personal style icons and why I feel I am influenced by them.

Tank ( from Tank & The Bangas) 

I was first introduced to  Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball by my friend TC. Her band had won the  NPR Tiny Desk Contest and I have been in love with her ever since. Her style appeals to me because she puts together pieces of art. That’s the only way I can accurately describe it. Her clothing is an extension of her personality. She is loud and proud. If you are interested, check out this youtube video of Tank as she describes her style and her journey to self-love.

The Style Klazit ( Melodie)

I have been following The Style Klazit (Melodie) for about 2 years via Instagram. She is personal stylist and thrifting connoisseur.  Her style is so crazy beautiful. The thing that I love is her ability to have a functional wardrobe and she has styled beautiful outfits of her thrifting finds. Many of her gorgeous outfits are same or similar pieces that has been styled different ways. She wants to help individuals create wardrobes that make them unique and memorable.

Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks, star of OINTB, is my style icon because she rocks every DAMN thing she puts on. She is an advocate of body positivism and bringing  more awareness of plus sized models. What makes one of my style icons, besides sharing my namesake, is her confidence and her ability to not be shamed about her weight.

ShapelyLouise (Ericka)

Last, but certainly not least is ShapelyLouise. As her tagline says, she is a stylist with designer tendencies. I have followed her journey, almost since the beginning and it has been fun to watch her grow from styling thrifted pieces to creating  outfits for herself and now from others. She is also the designer and creator of my wedding dress.  Ericka and I have had several conversations and I always enjoy her straightforwardness and her ability to put herself out there.

These women  creates more than clothes. They create conversations, memories, and a space to beat to your own drum.

Who are your style icons?


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