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In my last  post, I discussed who my style icons are and what about their style led to me adding them. For today, we are going to discuss how to define your own personal style. Defining your personal style is a great way to learn either how you want add or decrease from your closet or how to be more adventurous or help someone be able to style you.  I am all about not reinventing the wheel and I am linking the site where I found this great questionnaire for defining your style. The cool thing about this site is that the blogger actual created a downloadable workbook (only 4 pages, including the cover page) with great questions. I will use this post to give my answers from the questions posed in the workbook. I strongly suggest you download the workbook and see what you discover about your self.


1 |Assess| Describing the Good and the Not-so-Good

1A | How do you feel when you’re wearing a look you really love?

*You are given a list of words, and the author suggests to keep it to 10 words or less.

When I am wearing a look that I really love, these words describe me: attractive, empowered, stylish, at ease, pretty, distinctive, and unique.

1B| How do you feel when you’ve worn something you don’t love?

*You are a given a list of words, and the author suggests to keep it to 10 words or less.

When I am wearing something that I don’t love, these words describe me: frumpy, awkward, plain, too-tight, unsophisticated, unpolished, and self-conscious.

2 | Sort| Isolate the Dos and Don’ts of Your Style

2A| Write down all the things you don’t like to wear and don’t consider your style.

Midi dresses | Capris | Business wear/suits | Heavy earrings

Clothes that doesn’t have stretch | Stilettos | Anything too Preppy

2B| Write down all the things you do like to wear and do consider your style.

Bohemian style | Stylish flats | Block/chunky heels

Dresses | Bright colors | Tunics

Patterns |Bangles Fitted Jeans |Peplum| Versatility

3| Get Real| Identify your lifestyle and what you dress for

What activities do you do most?

Work| hanging out with friends and family | Eating out

How does the weather impact your style and what is your typical mode of transport?

If  is raining or otherwise dreary,  my clothing choices aren’t likely to change but shoes are more likely to be toned down, i.e., the color and/or appearance and just go with simple shoes that will keep my feet from getting wet. If the sun is out and shining, I’m more likely to dress in brighter colors and accessories. My typical mode of transport is a car.

4 | Examine| Recognize the speciirts from looks you love

List your top 10-20 most worn items

Dresses| pencil skirts| jeans| Casual pants| Gold accessories| silver accessories

Prints| Loafers| Earrings| Kimonos | Tribal Prints| Screen Tees

5 | Define| Put your personal style into words

5A Write down all the key words and phrases you can think of that accurately apply to your style.

Free-Sprited | Simple| Casual| Effortless

Playful| Classic | Quirky | Unique

Golden | Meaningful | Bold | Vintage

Fun | Relaxed | Colorful

5B | Pull the 3 (IDEAL) – 5 (Max)  that Really Resonate with you the most


My Personal Style is:




Well, there you have it. I hope you take the time to discover or put into your words, your style.

How would you describe your style?


Until next time,



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