The Last Sweater….Hopefully


Winter 2017-18 has been a different beast in Alabama. I can remember Christmases  not too long that involved me wearing T-shirts and shorts. However, this winter involved me layering and getting very familiar with a variety of coats. This winter has been tough on me emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I have lost but I have also grown from experiences.  I decided to give homage to winter but  to also let spring know it’s okay to come through and shine the only way Spring can.

What better than to wearing some culottes?!?!?! I bought these culottes during a thrifting trip a few years back and I love the versatility of them. You can pair them with boots, heels, or sandals. Here’s a link that shows how to wear culottes and even gives outfit inspirations.



Sweater: Citi Trends (yrs ago)        Culottes: Thrifted (yrs ago)           Flats: Dirt Cheap (yrs ago)

Farewell to Winter and welcome to new beginnings in Spring!


Until Next Time!








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