Women Inspiring Women

March is Women’s history month and I decided that I would dedicate a post to celebrate women in my and my friend’s lives. I asked a few of my friends to nominate and write a few words of a woman, alive or dead, celebrity or not, who had been instrumental in their lives. Keep reading for their responses.


Each and every day, I try to make a better version of myself than I did before. For me to do this, I had to surround myself with women who would hold me up, who wouldn’t tear me down.  I got lucky and found a very special group of women in college. We created a bible study group that turned into a sisterhood. These women challenged me every day to be better, to fight against my chronic illness.

For women’s history month, I want to honor the ladies of Heavenly Inspired Sister, past and present. Each of you has help mold me into what I am today. I could not have done it without you.  There’s no time like the present and no one like these women.”



“I admire my best friend Danielle George. She is a cancer survivor and an endometriosis warrior.

She has a quiet resilience that I don’t think she truly understands. I always joke that she and I became best friends from the beginning of us sitting next to each other in Psychology Club. What drew me to her was her open and inviting spirit. Her smile and her laugh remind me of home simply because she works hard to make sure that people around her are comfortable.

When I was a single momma she was there for me from the very beginning. Whenever I doubted myself she made sure to not only give me positive affirmation but was actually there. There are so many people in life that are so good at saying nice things and disappear when things get difficult. She has been in the trenches with me and all of my high and low points.

She changed my life because some of my best times have been shared with her. She’s been to every birth, she’s been on the phone when I needed someone to cry to vent to. She is one of the few people in my life who also forces me out of my comfort zone. She thinks of me very often when I feel sometimes invisible to the rest of the world. I think that everyone needs a Dani in their corner. It literally not only changed my life but saved it. I have battled depression a few times in my life and whenever I needed someone to help me out of my funk she was there.

I struggle because she and I are very similar-we struggle to see the greatness that is bubbling just below the surface. I constantly tell her how amazing she is and I’ve been encouraged by watching her growth. But I know we both suffer from not being able to pull from ourselves what comes naturally for us to do to others.

It is my hope that as we grow old we continue to grow old together because at this point she’s my best friend and my sister. “





“My mom is my hero, for so many reasons. She has always been my biggest supporter. She’s the first person I tell good news and I still cry to her.  She has always wanted her children to go farther than her. She taught me the importance of having my own and being as independent as possible. Even as an adult, she still teaches me lessons. She has taught me the importance of saving money, no matter how little it may seem at the time. She has taught/teaches me that you don’t treat people like they treat you. There is so much more I can say about my mom, but the words that come to mind, is  best friend, supporter, survivor, and compassionate.”



Who are you inspired by?


Until Next Time,



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