#TBT: Tedx BHAM 2018


I moved to a new city about 6 months ago. I am finally getting adjusted to the traffic. Kind of.  When deciding to move to Birmingham, I had personal goals I wanted to work on. I wanted to be more present on my blog. I wanted to share my clothing style and my love of thrifting on a larger scale, with that leading into more opportunities. I also wanted to experience Birmingham. I came from the Blackbelt, where interesting events are few and far in-between. I didn’t want to just go to work and then come home. One of my first ventures in 2018 has been my first TEDx Birmingham Talk.  I was excited to go and learn from the speakers but I was nervous because this was the first event since moving up here that I was doing by myself.

As I got my registration packet and bag, the nerves set in. Why did I decide to go by myself? I feel awkward. I look awkward. My purse is too heavy. Do they know I’m hear alone? These are just some of the thoughts that ran through my head. I had to have a common sense self talk to myself and just be grateful to be in the midst of this great experience. I decided then to take advantage of the activities that they had for the participants, such as Chair Massages, Yoga & Movement, and Blackout Poetry.

It was really a great experience. The theme of the talk was Before X After, which was broken down into three sessions: Origins (Where We’ve Been), Journeys (Where we Are), and Destinations (Where We’re Going). There were roughly 18 speakers who shared about their personal experiences in an inspiring and thought provoking way.  I wrote a few notes that I jotted down while being in the moment.

Cheryl Morgan, Architect & Urban Activist, discussed the place where she was born and how now it is a Publix store. She shared, “Place matters!” She also discussed the origins of Railroad Park.

Sarah E. Moreman, Educator & Instructor, was born with a hearing impairments. She shared, “Do not take communication for granted. Connecting is important—be patient and have good eye contact. Writing can teach us patience.”

TJ Nguyen, Robitics Educator: “Each Failure is one step Closer to Success. Success is gradual and be more willing to fail.”

Hearing this talks and these stories, I am even more determined to not quit, even when it feels like I just going in circles, with no light in sight.  I have to keep pushing.

Please check out https://tedxbirmingham.org/ and YouTube to hear the great speakers. My post only covers about 20% of what I experienced. It was definitely needed for my spirit and I would encourage anyone who are fond of Ted talks to invest in seeing the talks live.   I hope you are inspired like I was.


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