New month. New Blessings. Last week’s blog was about starting over again, learning to crush on myself. I have started on this journey of making sure I am living my best life. So, you know what happens when you are trying to live your best, right? Dark clouds, torrential rains and the occasional umbrella swirling in the wind, trying to smack you in the face. I have really taken time this week to not let these trying times, kick me off the track. Becoming focused has helped me.

What does being focused look like?

  1. Knowing that every day is not going to be roses and sunshine. I can’t expect to wake up and want to go exercise or want to do something creative. I do know that I have goals that I want to accomplish so there are times that I have to do it anyway. I have to do it afraid. I have to do it angry. Do it Tired. I just have to do it. Making to do lists and doing things as a habit, as a duty more than a want has made me be productive.
  2. Be cognizant of the fact that I don’t want to go back to old behaviors. I am a stress eater. I eat when I am nervous and feel like I don’t have control of things. My wife has had car problems these past 2 weeks and I have just felt helpless in being able to just fix it for her. My usual go to, is finding the most candy and sweets, and drowning myself in them. I want to break this cycle. I have started by making sure, that when I do feel this way, that I get those feelings out and not bottle them in, feeling like it’s my duty to always have the right answer. I journal and also talk to my tribe. I also make sure that I don’t have any of those temptations in a nearby vicinity of my person.
  3. Finding the good in any situation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not done something and have found reasons on why not doing it was for the betterment of me. Lies!! I try to see that everything that happens to me, as a small stepping stone to something greater. Even when things doesn’t feel or look great, I still try to look for the lesson. Sometimes, what I learn isn’t always for me, it may be a resource for someone else.

How you are able to stay focused with this journey called life?

Until Next Time,



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