Work Hard. Play Hard.

This past weekend, one of my goals for my brand/blog came to fruition: I was able to style my first person for a shoot. It was one of the most amazing times I have ever had, really felt like I was in my element. It’s beyond words and I wanted to share that experience with my readers.

Background: I met Sommer (our model) through BYSWO Fitness. BYSWO Fitness is run by my  best friend’s husband. Sommer lost (((((60))))) pounds through personal training with BYSWO Fitness and lifestyle changes. BYSWO decided to gift Sommer with a photoshoot, with clothing and accessories included.  Renee, the bestie, pulled me in to the styling. My first reaction was, “Are you sure?” and she was like, “Yes! I trust you.” I was nervous, at first, heck, honestly, all the way until we were actually at the location but I am glad that I didn’t let those nerves stop me from creating looks for the shoot.

Process: I wasn’t able to do a face to face meeting with Sommer, as I would like to have done but through conversations with Renee, I gathered that Sommer would be  open to my selections. I decided to go with a jumper. The fuchsia jumper really grabbed my attention and then I went to work on finding the right accessories. I started with Charming Charlies’ which provided me with the handbag, earrings and rings. I added a few things from my own closet, which all added to her overall look.

The shoot was a success!! We all vibed well together and the pictures came out better that we could have ever expected. We decided to do 2 different looks, the first one being very feminine. I wanted color, color and more color. The weather held out and the sun gave us life. The second look was all about fitness and showing us the techniques she used to shed those 60 pounds. One of  BYSWO Fitness’ guiding principles are to be able to provide personal training for people who want to get healthy but doesn’t feel that it is in their budget. They wanted to make sure they the public knows that their program works for working individuals, men and women. All it takes is the willingness to do the work and to trust the process.  This was a collaborative effort so all information will be provided after the pictures. All of the pictures were amazing but I am only sharing a few of the shots.



Personal Trainer: LaDarren Smith of BYSWO Fitness (

Model: Sommer

Creative Director: Renee Smith, H.E.R.  <>

Photographer: C. Mims  <>

Makeup: Tasha D.  <www.>

Jumpsuit: Zipora’s Closet

Shoes: Sommer’s

Accessories: Charming Charlie’s  <>

Shades: Throwing Shade by Fran (Instragram)

Location: Birmingham Botanical Garden



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