Wellness Wed. Even Though It’s Thur.


Happy July!

I hope you are enjoying your 4th Holiday, maybe not at work, like me.

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness month and I want to shine a light on mental health issues and what it looks like in the African American and other minority communities.

Below is a video I came across via one of my Facebook friends. It is a video by a popular YouTuber, La Guardia Cross,  who I’ve only seen do funny videos chronicling his life as a first time dad with his daughters. In the video, he talks very candidly about his wife struggle with her mental health. Take a listen.

I admire him so much for  sharing his experience as a husband and in hindsight seeing some things that he missed.

I know I’ve mentioned this organization (No More Martyrs) before but if you haven’t checked them out, please do so.  https://www.nomoremartyrs.org/

I went to the first Minority Mental Health Summit 2 years ago and they heavily influenced me wanting to showcase Mental Health  awareness on my blog.

What are you doing today to take care of yourself?

Let’s Talk.

Until Next Time,



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