DaniGee’s Fall Trends


So, Fall is coming in on Saturday, the 22nd (inserts Hey Fran Hey airhorn imitation), so I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the fav trends that I want to try or add to my closet. It’s not like I need anymore clothes, but they make me feel good!!

I wanted to first share the Pantone colors for Fall/Winter 2018 I am not sure when they became the person to know what colors are coming out but they are pretty spot on every year.


Here are just a few trends/ color combos you may see on my Instagram pages this seasons:

Thigh high boots: I have wanted a pair for the last couple of years and at first I saw them as a little to risqué for me but now I am ready to risk it all.


Camo: I am late to trends, I admit that. I FINALLY got a camo jacket this summer and I will wear the hell out of it this season. I was determined to not pay full price and I found one at the thrift store for like $4, winning!!!



Trench coat: Who don’t love a good trench coat?!?!!? Trench with some thigh boots and a snatched waist! I may not be able to leave the house!!!




Dark, bold lip: I’ve done like a milk chocolate lip but this year, I am going full plum purple and maybe a black lip, if I’m nasty.



What trends are you wanting to try this fall/winter? Look for more pictures this season. I am going to face my fear and get in front and actually model the looks that I talk about on my blog.


Until Next Time,




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