DaniGee’s Fall Trends

Heyyyy!!! So, Fall is coming in on Saturday, the 22nd (inserts Hey Fran Hey airhorn imitation), so I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the fav trends that I want to try or add to my closet. It’s not like I need anymore clothes, but they make me feel good!!... Continue Reading →


When Did You Know?

I'm enjoying my labor day weekend and I hope you are too. I actually have time to enjoy reading one of my favorite magazines, Essence. In the September 2018's issue they had a section called 25 Most Stylish Black Women and a question that was asked to the majority of the women was, "When did... Continue Reading →


So, this past weekend I turned the Big  32. I planned to have this nice long post about goals and dreams and what I want to accomplish  and I think I still will but right now, I just want to show some cute photos my bestie took of me. Enjoy!!! --DaniGee        ... Continue Reading →

Fashion is Fun *Inspiration Post*

Hey, Hey!!! Happy August and all that good jazz! August is my birthday month and I am glad about it. I am trying to do better about during actual fashion/clothing posts.  I decided I would start this month off with an inspiration post. I follow so many trendsetters and content creators who are pulling together... Continue Reading →

My Experience with Sugaring

Hey Hey! I would like to say that I am lifestyle blogger, giving my readers glimpses of the real me.  I talk about my passions like thrift shopping and what I hope one day to be a lucrative side outlet, styling and event planning. One part of my life that I stray away from is... Continue Reading →

Work Hard. Play Hard.

This past weekend, one of my goals for my brand/blog came to fruition: I was able to style my first person for a shoot. It was one of the most amazing times I have ever had, really felt like I was in my element. It’s beyond words and I wanted to share that experience with... Continue Reading →

DaniGee’s Style Icons

Tyra Banks. Grace Jones. Dorothy Dandrige. Diana Ross. Iman. These are just some of the names that comes up when talking about style icons. I decided with the post that I would share a few of my personal style icons and why I feel I am influenced by them. Tank ( from Tank & The... Continue Reading →

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