Better late than never

Is it too late to be saying Happy New Year! Probably so, right? Well, Happy New Year anyway! Over the last couple of years, courtesy of the bestie, I’ve started to pay attention to seasons and how certain life situations happen during those seasons. 2018 January was really tough, re: post, and 2019 January wasn’t... Continue Reading →


Season Greetings

Hey Good People! I went to my first adult Holiday Party this last week and I felt grown Grown. I  had a specific look in mind. I wanted to dress to impress. In my mind, I wanted a boardroom Christmas Look. So, what I envisioned was a long flowy  trench length Cardigan (Rose Colored), panel... Continue Reading →

DaniGee’s Fall Trends

Heyyyy!!! So, Fall is coming in on Saturday, the 22nd (inserts Hey Fran Hey airhorn imitation), so I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the fav trends that I want to try or add to my closet. It’s not like I need anymore clothes, but they make me feel good!!... Continue Reading →

When Did You Know?

I'm enjoying my labor day weekend and I hope you are too. I actually have time to enjoy reading one of my favorite magazines, Essence. In the September 2018's issue they had a section called 25 Most Stylish Black Women and a question that was asked to the majority of the women was, "When did... Continue Reading →

Fashion is Fun *Inspiration Post*

Hey, Hey!!! Happy August and all that good jazz! August is my birthday month and I am glad about it. I am trying to do better about during actual fashion/clothing posts.  I decided I would start this month off with an inspiration post. I follow so many trendsetters and content creators who are pulling together... Continue Reading →


On  Tuesday June 19, I was able to have a front row seat to one of the most amazing poets and writers I have ever got the chance to meet. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Salaam, you should. She is the bomb diggity. She facilitated a healing event for women who needed... Continue Reading →

Work Hard. Play Hard.

This past weekend, one of my goals for my brand/blog came to fruition: I was able to style my first person for a shoot. It was one of the most amazing times I have ever had, really felt like I was in my element. It’s beyond words and I wanted to share that experience with... Continue Reading →


New month. New Blessings. Last week’s blog was about starting over again, learning to crush on myself. I have started on this journey of making sure I am living my best life. So, you know what happens when you are trying to live your best, right? Dark clouds, torrential rains and the occasional umbrella swirling... Continue Reading →

Becoming My Own #WCW

I haven’t been very good to myself, over my 31 years on Earth. I have not always eaten the best things. I have said horrible things to myself, about myself. I don’t quell anxious thoughts quick enough. I have bouts of time where I feel, like it won’t always be this way but something usually... Continue Reading →

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