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On Target **Who-What-Where**


Happy August! It’s almost my BIG 3-1!!

I teamed up with two of  my Fellow AUM Alumni beauties who also blog. We  each decided to style a cute piece from the Who-What-Wear collection from Target. We wanted to be done for the back to school session. I wish I had as much fun dressing as a teenager as I have had as an adult.  If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would tell her it’s going to be okay and high school doesn’t last forever. You may not have the clothes you would like now but you will soon blossom out and learn to love yourself, regardless of size or clothes. 

Here are the links to their blog Posts:  Emma’s IG: oluwafunmifly

KD’s Blog <<>&gt; Her IG: weartofeast


Honestly, this wouldn’t have been my first choice but I decided to go out of my comfort zone and I am glad I did. It was so light and comfy. Even though it had a sheer look to it, I didn’t feel overly exposed. I did decide to wear a undershirt under it, just for work sake. I would love to play with this top, in regard to mixing colors and print. I can see it working with work trousers and a pencil skirt.





Blouse: Target  (here)

Pants: Cato Fashions, Similar (here)

Earrings: Cato

Shoes: Payless (here)

Have you worn something out of your comfort zone? What was the results?

Until Next Time!!



Sorry, NOT Sorry

Sorry, NOT Sorry

The older I get, the more things I notice about myself and others. I notice that I say,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ A LOT; Almost as a greeting.  Examples: excuse the background, or excuse the stuff on my front seat or apologize for an autocorrect error (Darn Autocorrect).  I’ve noticed that when people get in my car, unless you the bestie, I usually preface the entering of my car by saying, “Excuse the mess.”

There has been  times recently when I apologize for things I shouldn’t be apologizing for. For the last couple of years, I’m usually the youngest employee at whatever company I’m currently working for. I do my best to be a helpful and dependable team member. This usually gets noticed by the higher ups. Recently, that has led to a promotion. With the promotion came more responsibilities and having a leadership role over others. I have mentioned in a previous blog post that sometimes being young can lead others to test boundaries with me, which in turn has led me to test boundaries of my own 😉 During this time, I found when myself apologizing for how people were perceiving the words that came out of my mouth. I had to take a step back and realize that I shouldn’t be apologizing for a statement or action if I know that the intent was not meant to be malicious. How tiring is it to make sure that every word you say doesn’t offend a person or rub them the wrong way??

I would have to take a perpetual vow of silence.

When I really started to analyze my frequency of apologizing, I began to wonder if this was more a women issue that men. I honestly don’t see men apologizing on a regular basis. Is it engrained in women, in general, to not want to upset anyone, to not make anyone mad???

I’ve seen some of my social media friends apologize or feel the need to explain any background or picture that is not perfect. Damn That. I am not perfect. My car is not detailed on a regular basis. My hair doesn’t always stand up Kid’N Play-ish like I would prefer all the time.

I am imperfect. Like it or stroll on. I am in love with who I’m becoming which mean I have to be okay with what’s real. Trying to be perfect is an illusion and damn tiring.

How often do you apologize in a day??

Growing, Stretching, Day by Day.


Until Next Time,



The Faces of Sexual Assault- Wellness Wed.

The Faces of Sexual Assault- Wellness Wed.

**I am employed as a Sexual Assault Services Coordinator at a local Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Alabama. If you need Help Please call Toll Free to ACADV ( Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence) at : 1-800-650-6522 or ACAR (Alabama Coalition Against Rape) at: 1-800-656-4673

This month for Wellness Wednesdays, I decided to dedicate my posts to sexual Assault. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. For the purpose of these posts and to give an accurate definition, I will give you the Department of Justice’s definition of sexual assault.

Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.


So who are the faces of sexual assault?

A victim of sexual assault doesn’t have a particular look or subset. They could be your postmaster, or your 2nd grade teacher. They could be the girl who is always there for everyone else. They could be the guy bagging your groceries. They could be your church member. They could be your cousin. They could be your aunt. They could be your uncle. They could be the person  you love the most.

The most important thing to remember about victims is that they are survivors. They are doing the best that they can  despite what happened to them.


The best way to advocate for victims is to believe them.



Addicted, Wellness Wednesdays


February 2014, I got the opportunity to begin my counseling career as an IO (Intensive Outpatient) Therapist. I was scared out of my mind. Yes, I got my degree in community counseling and all I knew is that I wanted to help people but I had never decided on a specific discipline but nothing about addiction counseling remotely intrigued me. However, 2 years of addiction counseling, I learned more about myself and honestly how I saw people who were and are dealing with the DISEASE of addiction.

After countless days of group and individual sessions, I truly believe that if my clients could stop the endless cycle of relapse, they would, even if just for the sake of getting people out of their business. I had clients who I felt relapsed because they felt that they didn’t have control of any other part of their life and drinking or smoking was their last grip of what they felt were their control and they were going to be damned that someone was going to tell them what to do with their body. Other clients, real life was too hard to deal with. There’s  a saying in the recovery world, “Living Life on Life’s Terms.” Seems easy right?  For some of those who suffer from addiction,  life on life’s terms mean looking at the self-harm that they did to themselves, the trail of broken promises that they made to their loved ones, and facing the trauma that may have led them to their addiction. Reality may be unbearable to the point that the only way to cope is to use drugs and alcohol as their rose-colored glasses.

Like I said, I learned as much from my clients as I hope that they learned from me. No matter what the addiction may be or any life struggles for that matter, is CHANGE. What are you willing to do to change your current situation? You can’t wait for the right circumstances, because they will never come. I’ve heard people say, I will say misinformed and maybe never have had any serious encounters with those with an addiction that these people are lazy and they could stop anytime they want to. I always use myself as an example. I am emotional eater.  If I feel anxious or depressed, I find any type of food to drown out those feelings. My favorite food by far is a Snickers bar. If someone told me that when I wanted to cope with my stressors that I could no longer have a Snickers and that they will be a monetary and maybe a jail sentence behind having a Snickers bar, that would be a problem for me. I pose this question, if someone told you that you could no longer could cope with your stressors as you had been doing and what you felt was working, how would that make you feel?  I am not saying that drowning yourself in case of beer is the way to go but I want you to understand that sometimes people are doing the best that they can at the time. As a counselor, I tried never to judge and I would share my struggles with stressors and how I handled them, sometimes healthy and sometimes unhealthy. I let them know that the important thing is to never give up but I also had to learn to confront some of their behaviors that they were using to excuse their relapses.

A final lesson I learned was the importance of my support system and how things could have been so different for me. I would listen to the stories of my clients and some of their experiences mimicked mines. I had trauma in my life and it could led me to leave a wrecking path of destruction. I will forever grateful for the people God has placed in my life, those for a season and those for a lifetime.    There was a portion of the recovery work where the clients had to discuss the importance of having a support system and we even had Family Day where the clients were strongly encouraged to bring a close friend or family member so that they can see their progress and learn more about the addiction process. Majority of them didn’t bring anybody. They would say that they didn’t trust people or that people had let them down and all they needed were themselves. Nobody gets to be where they are without someone, giving them an encouraging word, helping them network, or giving them a ride to the corner store.  I did my best to keep my word, to not make promises to them that I couldn’t keep and to be as genuine as I could be to them.

This has been on my mind to write for a while. I have so much respect for anyone who’s struggling with a disease or disorder and makes a conscious choice every day to get help. Even if you don’t understand the reason why you are where you are today, I hope you take the time to learn things about yourself and be of help to someone else in the process.


25 Addiction Recovery Tips and Quotes But as you conquer them, you see everyone loved just didnt love yourself.:


One Day At a  Time.



Until Next Time,





Checking on My TaTas, Wellness Wed.


It’s Wednesday!!! I hope you all are having a splendid day!! For this week’s edition of Wellness Wednesday and for the fact that it is breast cancer awareness month, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my TATAs. How fun is that?  Every time that I have shared about my breast cancer, I get a new person who learns this fact about me. Here’s my first blog talking about (

I was diagnosed at 28 with breast cancer. I was actually called with the diagnosis(how is that for bedside manner.) I can still remember it, I was in the library in Brent with my Personal Care Client and I got the call that the lump in my breast was cancerous. A lump I had had more than 5 years. I would feel it and be like, ‘Yep, I’m too young to have cancer.” In those moments, I  saw what I didn’t accomplish…me not being married…no house. I cried hard, real hard. I thought my life was over but actually it was just beginning. My family and friends rallied around me. I completed my radiation treatments and all my mammograms and blood work have shown that  I am in remission. My right tata is a little shorter and darker but for all intent and purposes, it is still in working order.

I don’t like going to the doctor. I think it started when I was younger because I would go and they would harp on me being overweight which I didn’t like myself but you telling me I’m overweight helps nothing. As an adult, I dislike because I pay $35 copays and they make you wait and within 5 minutes, they are trying to shuffle you out the door. Even still, Now I do my best to never again let any abnormalities in my body linger. I do view my body as a temple so I have to do my very best to keep it as healthy as possible.

In regard to breast cancer awareness month, do monthly breast exams on yourself.

If breast cancer runs in the family, you may want to discuss with your doctor about early testing.

For more information, Please check out this following websites:


Wellness Wednesday, Inaugural Post




Hump Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

How you doing?? I know it has been a minute since I’ve blogged and I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you. I wanted to start a conversation on mental health. In July, I had the opportunity to go and present at the Inaugural Minority Mental Health Awareness Summit ( which is Minority Mental Health Month. I was able to network with local and national representatives of different facets of the mental health community.

I wanted to start this series with my own personal issues. You know, it ain’t no party like an anxiety party. I  always remember having anxiety.  I can remember crying in first grade because I was scared somebody would hurt my little sister; she was fine by the way, always fearless in my eyes. It is something that for the longest time I thought was just going to be a normal part of my life. A couple of years ago, I have actively worked on conquering it. There are some days where I feel that I have it under control. I say my daily affirmations. I do deep breathing. I practice healthy self care. Other days, the only thing that  I feel that gets me up is the fact that If I get the 8 hours of work over with, I can hop back in my bed and be one with Netflix. It is my goal to be to have a more balanced life, which for me,  includes my emotional health. I have done better of not always faking it, telling my inner circle when I need support and knowing when I need to just unplug.

With this series, I hope to bring more awareness to mental health issues, local and national resources, and healthy coping skills.

With this, I hope your Wednesday is great and stress free.


Until Next Time,



Wreaths, Where Art Thou?

Wreaths, Where Art Thou?


My best friend has, like always given me the push when and where it’s needed. I haven’t been blogging, like I needed or wanted to. I have been feeling a little lack luster about my work life and I was reminded that I am more than a title, more than a job. I am Danielle,  a person who is coming to her own, learning what she likes and doesn’t like and how much she is worth. To celebrate this hiatus, I decided to share a recent diy gift I did for one of my lovely girlfriends.

Sister Gifts — I am part of a lovely sisterhood. We support, pray, and love on each other. We decided this year to do sister gifts. We each have a partner, or 2. My soulsister, she lives by the beach so I decided to create her a seashell gift.


1. I got this lovely wreath from Dollar Tree for 1 Dolla!


2. I got these lovely seashells packets for $1 each, also from Dollar Tree.


3. I spray painted the wreath seafroam green. **The Spraypaint kinda melted the wreath, not a lot but it kinda made little holes. Next time, I will see if I can find spray paint that for plastics. 

finished wreath.jpg

4. Here’s the Completed Wreath. I Superglued  the shells to the wreath, no certain patterns. When I got done, I decidedly to haphazardly spray gold paint on it. 

What do you Think? Have you done any diy projects lately?

Until Next Time,

Dani Gee




You’ve all seem them before—what I like to call, the potentials. It’s exactly the style you’re looking for (be it jeans, earrings, accessories, etc.) except there’s something extra on it. It may rhinestones or something hanging where you don’t want it to. Recently, I found a pair of earrings on my latest thrifting expedition. For whatever reason, I like triangle earrings. It just looks good with my natural hair. I am always looking in the $1 jewelry sections and these are what I ran across.


As you can see, there’s that extra element to a great pair of earrings. My pre-crafty, creative self would have passed on by them. However, the new me saw potential.

Materials needed:

  • Wire cutters ( or something to open up a jumpring)
  • Spray paint of your choice ( I used Krylon)
  • Googles (Safety first!!)
  • Painter’s Tape


I opened up the jump-ring that the held the mirror tear drop. They came out very easily.  I put painter’s tape on the fish hooks before painting. I then spray painted both sides and these are the results. Spray-paint is awesome!PhotoGrid_1426556630620

Have you ever saw potential in something?

Until Next Time,


Weekend Shenanigans

Hey hey!!

So, I’ve been in kinda of a funk lately. I don’t know what’s been really causing it but I decided to get my self out of it. So, what better way to get out  of  the funk than to do somehing crafty. So, I found a craft project on Pinterest and asked my niece if  she  wanted to paint which I got an emphatic YES.


I bought these 3-pack canvas panel from Walmart and I bought an acrylic paint in candy apple red. I already had  a green and gold acrylic paint at home.


I made an outline of a snowflake using masking tape.


So, this is after my neice got through painting and putting her finishing touches it on it. We let it dry overnight.


This is our finished Project. We peeled the masking tape off.


This is Zariah’s finished project. I outlined the snowflake with a gold permanent marker.

Happy December,