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Sorry, NOT Sorry

Sorry, NOT Sorry

The older I get, the more things I notice about myself and others. I notice that I say,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ A LOT; Almost as a greeting.  Examples: excuse the background, or excuse the stuff on my front seat or apologize for an autocorrect error (Darn Autocorrect).  I’ve noticed that when people get in my car, unless you the bestie, I usually preface the entering of my car by saying, “Excuse the mess.”

There has been  times recently when I apologize for things I shouldn’t be apologizing for. For the last couple of years, I’m usually the youngest employee at whatever company I’m currently working for. I do my best to be a helpful and dependable team member. This usually gets noticed by the higher ups. Recently, that has led to a promotion. With the promotion came more responsibilities and having a leadership role over others. I have mentioned in a previous blog post that sometimes being young can lead others to test boundaries with me, which in turn has led me to test boundaries of my own 😉 During this time, I found when myself apologizing for how people were perceiving the words that came out of my mouth. I had to take a step back and realize that I shouldn’t be apologizing for a statement or action if I know that the intent was not meant to be malicious. How tiring is it to make sure that every word you say doesn’t offend a person or rub them the wrong way??

I would have to take a perpetual vow of silence.

When I really started to analyze my frequency of apologizing, I began to wonder if this was more a women issue that men. I honestly don’t see men apologizing on a regular basis. Is it engrained in women, in general, to not want to upset anyone, to not make anyone mad???

I’ve seen some of my social media friends apologize or feel the need to explain any background or picture that is not perfect. Damn That. I am not perfect. My car is not detailed on a regular basis. My hair doesn’t always stand up Kid’N Play-ish like I would prefer all the time.

I am imperfect. Like it or stroll on. I am in love with who I’m becoming which mean I have to be okay with what’s real. Trying to be perfect is an illusion and damn tiring.

How often do you apologize in a day??

Growing, Stretching, Day by Day.


Until Next Time,




When I was little, I didn’t dream about wedding dresses or who would be my bridesmaids. I didn’t have a prince charming in mind. I honestly never thought about marriage until my best friend from high school got married in 2010. All of these feelings came rushing in, happiness for my bestie and sadness because I may be alone forever. The latter statement gave me a scare. Was I going to be a lonely lady who never married, never got the opportunity to become a Mrs. and change my name.


These last couple of years I have seen more of my friends walk the aisle and sting of being alone forever has begun to dull. I have realized that I will be okay, single or married. I am not knocking my circumstances, one way or the other. I have realized my friends still want to be  my friend, even though they are married and have a family and I am single as the day I was born. I’ve decided to be patient and enjoy life in the meantime. I’ve finally realized that one day, I want to be married. I’m not going to rush. I am going to take the time to find out what makes me tick. What do I want in a husband? What are my goals as a wife?

A few summers ago, my friends and I created a list  of traits that we would like for our future husbands to possess. We then said a prayer and burned the list. I can’t remember all of my future husband’s qualities so I decided to complete a new list. 

  1. He has to have hands that make mine seem slender or at least the same size (I have my daddy’s hands.)
  2. He has to have a sense or humor and have to love my sense of humor. 
  3. he has to a Christian and be an active church goer; believes and trusts in God.
  4. supportive of my dreams and dreams for our family.
  5. Educated
  6. Loving spirit
  7. Loves me, flaws and all
  8. Relates to my family;family oriented
  9. Loves my cooking
  10. Open to effective communication
  11. A Go Getter Spirit
  12. A good Dresser or won’t mind me helping him with his wardrobe
  13. Financially literate
  14. Considers me his equal
  15. Get along with my friends
  16. Being healthy is important

What about you? What are some traits that are important for your future mate?

Until Next Time,