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Is That You, Spring?

Is That You, Spring?

Hey Hey!!

Spring is almost among us, even though we didn‚Äôt have a proper Winter. ūüė¶ ¬† We are little less than 2 weeks away from Spring so I decided to share MY top clothing picks ¬†I wanted to give a big emphasis on MY because none of what I am about to share is anything that I‚Äôve seen on a site or a magazine. It‚Äôs more of what I feel I want to add to my closet or pull out and wear again.

pantone 2017

I always like to look and see what are the top Pantone colors for each season. Let me just tell you that you will most likely see me in a lot of  blushes, nudes,  blues, and did I mention Blush. I am so in love with Blush right now. XOXO

Dani’s Spring Trends

  1. Fringe- I can see it. Fringe tops, Fringe bottoms, fringe purses. Just know that if I have on Fringe, I will be  making them Dance.
Givenchy-Spring 2017

2. Boho- I don’t know how to really explain this in clothing terms but ¬†in my mind, it looks like a nice day to have a picnic mixed with Coachella, a day of thrifting and mixed with cute boots.


3. FlowersРI think Flowers has to be  the official image when it comes to Spring.

spring 4


4. Oversized  shirts with shorts- This trend kinda goes with my boho look.  It has an effortless look to it.

spring 5

5. Cold Shoulders: Hit ’em with the shoulders. I think ¬†shoulders are such a feminine aspect of a woman’s body and what better way to celebrate them than showing them off.

spring 6.jpg

What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

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OOTD: Everything is Bigger in Texas Edition

Sooo… I like vacations and I like dressing up and when I get to both, it is a win-win. I was able to attend my family reunion, July 10-12. I wanted to do a quick post to share my outfits.


First off, my cover-up. It is thrifted, of course. I got it from the American ¬†thrift store from Prattville, AL. It was..drum-roll please…$2.


I got this coral  beauty from Wal-Mart for under $10.

imageNext up, This gorgeous white dress, with sliver threaded throughout and slight runching on the left side. This was also $10 gem from Maxway.

I enjoyed my family and was able to get spiritually renewed. I was able to get some confirmation on my purpose. Life should be lived not tolerated.

Fashion should be fun. No one should tell a person what they should or should not wear. This biggest lesson I have learned so far in life is to love myself. I may not be the world’s definition of beautiful but I’ll be damned if you try to tell me I am not. I am beautiful, flaws and all.

You are beautiful. Celebrate your beauty. Daily.

Until Next Time,


Favorite Thrifted Things

I can remember being in high school and not wantingto even to step in a thrift store. My mom would go to find items she could resell at her yard sales or to find clothes for herself but I always went in with suspicion.¬† Maybe it was the smell or the fact that I felt I never was able to find any good pieces.¬† I don’t know when those feelings faded but I’m so glad they did. I enjoy thrift shopping, especially with my mom and friends. Honestly, the last couple of years my wow pieces have come from thrift stores.

I wanted to share with you all a couple of my favorite thingsthat I’ve acquired during my thrifting advetures.
**no order of preference


1. Cosmetic bag
Price: .99 cents
Place: Big Saver, Bessemer, AL
Why It’s My Favorite: It was a $1 #winning


2.Gold and Black Houndstooth Blazer
Price: $2.50 (shop out of season)
Place: Lovelady Thrift Store, Birmingham, AL
Why: I love the colors and the way I can dress it up or dress it down and the fact that it was 2.50!


3.  Clutches
Price: $1 (light beige) and $4 (dark beige)
Places: Veterans Thrift Store, Brent,  AL (now closed) and a Selma Flea Market vendor, Selma, AL, respectively
Why: I love clutches, just hate paying purses prices and these were a steal.


4. Yellow Trouser Pants
Price: $2.99
Place: The Foundry thrift store, Fairfield, AL
Why: I love the way trouser pants look and feel on me and I want them in ever color. I’ve been able to style them in different ways.


5. In Style Parties
Price: 2.99
Place: Foundry Thrift Store, Fairfield, AL
Why: I am really into event planning and I just could not pass up this book.¬† I’ve come to find out that this book was ranked as a top go to book in event planning.

As you can see, I am really proud of finding staple pieces I wanted to add to my closet and bookcase at great prices.

What are some of your fave thrifted pieces?

Until Next Time,